Nothing's Not Moving

by The Okay Win

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released April 15, 2014

All songs written by The Okay Win

Stephen MacDonald - Guitar/Vocals
Ryan Ward - Bass/Guitar
Adam McElreath - Guitar/Vocals/Keys/Bass/Percussion
JM Craven - Bass/Guitar
David Chardo - Drums

*Lyrics and vocals on "Glass" and "Satellites" by Adam McElreath. All other lyrics and vocals by Stephen MacDonald.

Recorded in a garage in Medford, MA

Engineered by David Chardo
Mastered by Joe Tooley

Artwork by Adam McElreath



all rights reserved


The Okay Win Boston, Massachusetts

The Okay Win have never been good at describing themselves. There's a mixture of intimacy, energy, and space in their songs, but to them they are just a group of friends that enjoy making music together.

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Track Name: Shift
All the chaos inside the crosswalk,
Boxed you in with all it could collect,
Until it spilled you out to the pawn shop,
To minimize all your booming debt,
They just tried to strip you of vision,
Here's your tunnel with your one-track to ride,
So you crack until you find your compass,
And you're swallowed by acid sky

You shift,
Your shoulder,
No matter direction,
It's your own type of forward.

All the survey it left you in bracket,
Ballots you could never deflect,
Now your gender placed into fractions,
Telephone calls for interests,
There is constant commercial,
Televised to the feeding tank,
Sells drama in automatic circle,
Hides the blood with all the scripted paint

It won't let you shift,
Either shoulder,
Or find a new direction,
Your own type of forward.

But, before I'm back on the corner,
Heavier now, we all start to sink,
It gets calm for a moment,
But the alarm, it's bound to ring

We can shift,
Our shoulders,
I'll slip us out the back,
To our forward
We can shift,
Our shoulders,
No matter direction,
It's your own type of forward.
Track Name: In A Way
Magnetic bundle of energy,
Positive, negative, the brightly lit black sheep,
Pulls in every part of every single thing,
Never leaving any space for any peace (or you and me)

Just some puzzle with an incomplete middle,
Bloody border and paper-cut fingers,
You've got to punch every part to round out the corner,
To try and get that picture in order

'Cause it's all ending,
But something is suddenly starting,
You can love it all the same.

Constant clutter in a made-up mess,
Pile of afterthought atop the bed,
Gotta sift on through to find everything they said,
'Cause now that you're older it starts to make some sense

While everything is ending,
Something is suddenly starting,
You can love it all the same.

You were left there wide-open,
The bubble, it was blown and broken,
Humbled wonder, completely certain,
In a way everything felt perfect.

In a way everything felt perfect,
In a way everything felt...
Track Name: Legion (When Coming Home)
We shook while the campus rotated,
Trying to sweat out something that was never a secret,
So we stopped on the third turn, took a bench outside of Wilson,
It was the first night, we ever really listened.

There was a state pin as a novelty gift,
We saw Built To Spill on a Cape Cod Cliff,
Sharing plastic bag when we're blacked out and we're sick,
I'm in the car out back begging you to come with

It was a ten point tile upon a triple letter,
a fortune I got said, "We're all carried by lovers..",
There was a talk of land from the apartment up on Summer,
and a dance with Sam, August by the harbor

It was all for the moment,
When coming home it,
It changed to you.
Track Name: Reaction
All that crooked number left in pile,
Eyes were glued to the highlight reel,
Cry at flyby of a 52 bomber,
Dropping passes for free fast food meals,
Name brand product in and out of style,
The season's face and the color wheel,
I bleach my mouth and cleanse at the sauna,
Mud masks, cucumber peel.

I beg,
I've got no real reaction anymore.

All that induced coughing meets the concrete mile,
Slowing pace until prescribed inhale,
Trick the frame and manipulate the body,
Adjust the weight to pose on the scale.

I beg,
I've got no real reaction anymore.

It's buried.
Track Name: The Glass
Wrap my hands in the warm glow of windshields
And twist my limbs to make them sing
When happenstance hit the water inside us
To pull out words every which way

Send my love to the embarrassed furnace
And tell him when he coughs, I feel his pain
You spin us around with a blindfold and shovel
And said if we want truth, we've got to dig

And we looked at the glass and through
I softly turn my bruised cheek to you
And said I'm not sure what I have to prove
Then you looked right through me too

Oh, what could we do?
We waited our lives for traffic to move
And dreamed explicitly
Of shocking them with articulate speech

And we looked at the glass and through
I softly turn my bruised cheek to you
And said you won't like the man I become
When I tell you the truth
Track Name: Every Face In A Wave
It was a slow drip,
Called on the flood, watched it gradually fill,
Sputtered while it crept,
So now I'm sync with the eventual spill,
'Cause nature, it won't quit,
Block my sense but I always hear it,
Headfirst or lay back,
It's all rolling weight and I'm bound to bear it.

On the beat of the pull-back,
4 x 6 and now her belly's blooming,
I felt the world drop,
'Cause nothing's ever not moving,
It's echo and trend,
Rented house and the curve of the coast,
Plea and pledge to a friend, and family with a nightly toast.

I always said,
Some day,
Now every face it just comes in waves,
Track Name: Satellites
We are the satellite smiles
The fortunate thieves
The unborn child
We want a portrait of hell
A thousand feet wide
To mirror ourselves

We drive a sweltering high
Farther into a bottomless night
Be not a cog in that clock
Marred by the tide
And swallowing fog

Play on/Fade out
Play out/Fade on

Feed off the halogen glow
Admired by stars
And jealous of snow
Reach out with both your hands
Towards that light

Play on/Fade out
Play out/Fade on

Play on/Fade out
Play out/Fade on
Track Name: The Hook
We call for the hook,
We don't even care how we got there,
Just show me how it looks.

We call for the hook,
We don't even get how we got there,
Just show me how it looks.
Track Name: Vibrations
Watercolor print in the volumes of fable,
Turns to sound to comfort the cradle,
All the daily review at the custom table,
Put in the fireplace, keeps the family faithful,

The general public sings about their primary savior,
Medicine pulls the string back and forth with anger,
Some praise the east while they bathe in nature,
Or every night we speak to our local maker.

They were just all spilling language.

Building buildings from the ground with delicate angle,
For all the rental space to keep the city's plate full,
And the blackbox stage credited in the playbill,
The teleprompter's live through the television cable,

Shows commencement speech and the standing ovation,
Builds up the optimist every graduation,
Until they march the streets for local occupation,
Some percentage split and self negotiation,

They were just all spilling language,
Some way to carry out some type of message,
Until it's dark, once they're gone, once it's missing,
So that voice becomes more than vibrations...

We're all vibrations.
Track Name: You Were Control
Had a humming heart, when the peacocks would puff their chest,
Pushed you way past start, until you backtracked to rest,
Your meditative mark, Your own personal pet,
Let your gaze go far,
locked in, I'm dead-set on you...

You were control...

Full of all that wordplay, Abundant but amateur,
It was defense and dialogue to strip you of feather,
I will keep you flightless, I'm the free and the winning bird,
Hitch it all to an ego,
Then watch it fly after you...

You were control,
Wherever you'd walk I'd always follow.

Come from a long line,
Got to let it go.